Find Various Causes of Reduction in Male Libido Here

Decreased libido often makes a man lose confidence and interfere with the intimacy of marital relations. If you experience this, don't worry too much. A decrease in male libido can be handled in several ways. Decreased libido does not occur suddenly. Usually sexual arousal decreases gradually, ranging from several months to several years. It is important to understand the various causes of decreased male libido and how to overcome them, so as not to interfere with family harmony. Causes of Decreased Male Libido Normally, male libido can go down with age. However, this condition is also caused by several other factors, including: Endocrine Disorders Disorders of the endocrine system will affect the production of hormones, including sex hormones. This will cause the reproductive system to be disrupted, including decreased libido in men. High blood pressure and diabetes High blood pressure and diabetes that are not controlled by medication, can disrupt the circulatory
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